How Should AAS/PH Cycling Affect Diet?

  1. How Should AAS/PH Cycling Affect Diet?

    I am probably going to get flamed for this thread, but I have a hard time finding how diet should change when one is on cycle. Most threads dealing with this that I have found just list a bunch of foods and ask, "how's my diet?" How is it for what? These threads often omit macro numbers, the goal of the OP, and the OP's weight/height/body fat percentage. Or, if these things are listed, responders usually just say "make sure you eat A LOT!" making them relatively useless for me (how much is a lot? I don't know.)

    I would like some guidelines for how to bulk, cut, or recomp while on cycle, mainly how much over maintenance to eat and ideal macro-ratios based on body weight and body fat percentage for those three goals. I realize everyone is unique, so I am only looking for a rough idea of my ideal macros; I can then adjust while I am on AAS/PHs.

    I apologize if I am wasting anyone's time here. I thought there might be a sticky with this kind of information, but if it exists, I do not see it.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. While bulking I add a gallon of whole milk per day to my regular diet. I continue this through PCT. I've never had a problem keeping my gains.

  3. Eat healthy and a lot of it. Up the carbs. If you're still not gaining eat more. If you feel too fat, cut back a bit.
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  4. I appreciate it, guys, but I am after something more specific, like "start at 750kcal over off-cycle maintenance for a lean bulk, 1000 for a bulk," etc.

  5. i think you just answered your question dude

  6. How much more specific can you get than "add an extra gallon of milk per day, to your diet"?

  7. I would say start at +300 and do that for a few weeks and then asses. If you are gaining too much fat cut back to +150, if you are not gaining quickly enough increase to +500. Then repeat the assessment and increase by +150 increments or decrease by such. It's an incremental process that requires constant monitoring if you're scared of gettin fat

  8. When on cycle I aim for around 500-800 above maintenance. Off cycle around 300 above. But everyone's different so it's up to trial and error to see what works for YOU. But on cycle man just eat eat and then eat some more. 4000kcals plus is not unusual on cycle. Recomping is a fine art one which I'm still working on myself.


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