I need everyone's help!

  1. I need everyone's help!

    Hi, I'm a 17 year old guy, live in reading near London, I weigh around 105lbs and am around 5'6" . I really badly want to put on weight. I am a beginner and don't know what to do. If ordered some OPTIMUM NUTRITION SERIOUS MASS , OPTIMUM NUTRTION ZMA, ANABOLIC DESIGNS RAVENOUS and some WHEY PROTEIN. I am a beginner, and I need help to start piling on the pounds. I need help with my workouts too, where do I begin? Either can you reply on this post with advice, Please, I really need your help, I need a helping hand to get this bulking started. Thanks in advance, appreciate your time and help!

  2. First piece of advice, quit sending money on supplements a d use that on food.

    Post up an outline of what you're eating, and well go from there.

  3. hey bro i here ya on this one! when i started lifting i was 5'11" and 150. if you want i can set up a nutrition program for you and then get back to you. have you started lifting yet? if so what is your workout like right now? what is your budget $ wise so i cna figure out a plan without short changing you.

  4. just message me on here and i will get you set up.

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