Trying to gain muscle... only get fat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890 View Post
    5 to 7 meals will help keep the metabolism up of course nott 800 cals a meal 2800 a day spread that out.over your meals however you want to lots of protein 1 to 1.5 g per lb of bw carbs prolly 1.5g per lb of bw
    That is all a total bunch of crap from end to end. There is no metabolism boost from more frequent or higher number of meals, you dont' need more than 1g per lb of protein and with him trying to lose fat as well having that much in carbs is a bad idea too.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1

    Cause nutrients is important to muscle growth as well. That's why people need a balanced diet. V8 juice is good as well.
    Yes sir, I'd still stick for mainly fresh produce or juices. V8 and other bottled drinks are heated up to kill pathogens but this also destroys a bit of a the nutritional content too. I'm sure it still contains some good stuff tho

  3. 6 to 7 meals a day i feel indirectly does tie into a better metabolism

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890
    6 to 7 meals a day i feel indirectly does tie into a better metabolism
    I lost weight when I started eating breakfast and small meals more frequently.. I used to wait until noon, have a huge lunch.. then a huge dinner.. got fat real quick, haha.
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  5. Small meals vs big meals don't matter !
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  6. Again, keep your calories in check and also get a nice training program like 5x5
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    Quote Originally Posted by mls51112

    I lost weight when I started eating breakfast and small meals more frequently.. I used to wait until noon, have a huge lunch.. then a huge dinner.. got fat real quick, haha.
    If you eat the same foods split over 2 meals or 8 meals, the 2 meals does more for improving body composition than the 8. There can be a psychological plus to the more meals, and if you aren't tracking calories closely you may eat less calories over more meals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsix View Post
    I have a serious problem gaining any muscle at all.
    I'm 25 years old (6.16ft tall, 175lbs) and seriously training for year and a half now 4 times a week (trained before but always few months on-off), with little results to show.
    What is your training split and exercise selection as well as your weights for each (just to gauge your strength as I could not care less how strong or weak you may be)?
    We live in a time where our planet suffers from two epidemics simultaneously - starvation and obesity.

    Look at all these little kids taking care of the music biz, don't their business take good care of me.

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890 View Post
    6 to 7 meals a day i feel indirectly does tie into a better metabolism
    No correlation. And in any case, most meal frenquency studies are on obesity 'sufferers' who may need to eat 6 meals of smaller quantity just to get an idea of how much they are eating and to fill their food void.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by David Dunn View Post
    What is your training split and exercise selection as well as your weights for each (just to gauge your strength as I could not care less how strong or weak you may be)?
    Tried Stronglifts for 5 months. After 3 months i got to:
    - 87.5kg squats
    - 40 kg overhead press
    - 67.5kg bench press
    - 105kg deadlift
    - 60kg barbell
    Could not get past this values, despite various deloads etc. It's basically my maximum.

    Weird thing is.. at age of 18 i trained for only 2 months and got to 70kg bench with no problems (stopped due to no-bb related injury)! Now years later I can't get to 70kg months 'n months.

    After this i switched to current routine - 4 workouts per week:
    - Monday: back/bicep (bent over barbell row, v-bar pulldown, chinups, ez bar culs, deadlift)
    - Tuesday : shoulders (Overhead press, dumbbell shrug, leverage shoulder press and some ab workout)
    - Wednesday : pause
    - Thursday : chest/tricep (dumbbell bench press, inclined dumbbell flies, tricep pushdown, inclined dumbbell bench press)
    - Friday : (squats, calf press on machine, lying leg curls and leg press)

    These are my current workouts, every day 4-5.. I do them 4 series : 8x,6x,6x,8x .. when 8x its lighter weight, at 6x its heavier weight.

    Regarding the diet: I do not eat 6+ meals per day, as it really didn't help. Ever.
    I'm on intermittent fasting, with my first meal being cca. 1pm and last 9pm.
    1pm meal is a shake most of time with whey+casein+curd cheese and/or ricotta cheese+ lots of berries, double cream and some coconut fat etc. (bout 800kcal)
    Second meal at 4pm (pre workout) is my largest, thats when i normally eat a lot of meat+veggies.
    At 6pm (1 hour pre workout) i usually drink 20g whey+cacao powder or dark chocolate (85%+). Also 20g right after workout.
    My last meal is at 9pm, its usually eggs/cheese or fish etc.
    I sometimes have a carb day on chest or back day.

    Do not recommend me to eat lots of carbs etc. Been there, done that! Feeling LOTS better on high fat, also my muscles seem more visible and full (no idea why as with low glycogen theyr not supposed to.). I also lost hip/belly fat (when on carbs i couldn't get below 93cm waist.. now im at 86!)
    High carb only brought me fat and less good general feeling, nothing more or less.
    I'm thinking that high fat suits me more due to low T... all studies show that high fat+workout increases testosterone by average 20%.
    I should have tested my T before i went on high fat.

  11. ok just got my blood work results (Hematology) here and there's some weird stuff...

    The not-so-great values are:
    LYM. - 43.3% (15-40)
    MCV - 100.2 fl (81 - 94)
    MCHC - 281 g/l (310-350)
    THR - 149 m/mm^3 (140-340)

    Checked some of these.. MCV/MCHC has something to do with vitamin b12 deficiency... which is impossible as i take like 7.000% RDA of this.
    THR on the other hand is Threonine - EAA... Also shouldn't be this low! I eat LOTS of meat, curd cheese, protein from powders (whey, casein) and green veggies. My total protein per day is about 180g to 200g.

    Also got S-TSH tested, which is normal - 2.05 mIU/L (0.27-4.20) and morning glucose which is 4.6 (3.6-6.1)

  12. Anyway you can workout earlier? The majority of your calories should be coming after you workout to get the most out of IF, not before.

  13. What is your routine like in the gym? Is your strength on lifts progressing? 3000 calories doesn't really seem like enough to gain weight at your size IMO. I had great success bulking at 3500 cal/day from 165lbs to my current 190. I eat a relatively well balanced diet however, I don't take much stock in diets that cut one macronutrient to bare bones, but that's just my 2 cents. 1800 calories from fat every day seems like the reason you keep putting on fat to me, especially if it's coming from stuff like cream and butter, that's 60 percent of your intake. Carbs are important for growth as well. I also would eat more protein if I were you. You are barely above 1g/lb bw, 1.5-2g/lb has always yielded nice results for me. I am not a nutrition "expert" however, I am just letting you know what has worked for me. It kinda seems like your stuck in a rut, but don't really want to change what you are doing to fix it man. Stuff like "don't recommend high carbs, been there done that" makes it seem like you want a change but are unwilling to act. Maybe switch up your routine to a steady progression program. It kinda looks like you are just "winging it" with your current routine. Do you progress based on percentage of your max or just go in and lift how you feel that day?

    Edit: I read about your routine and progression. Didn't see the post when I was writing this.
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  14. I used to workout in the morning with like 2k kcal meal after it.
    It went ok..

    To Randoja...
    I wrote down my gym routine above. I tried everything from 2.8k kcal to 3.6k. But my belly/hips grow like crazy after 3k!
    I've been watching what i eat and doing some sort of exercise for about 5 years. I tried every single way of eating for a few months.
    Tried different portions of protein - from 120g a day to 300g... all kinds of macro ratios. High fat with time-to-time carb feeds worked by far best .. for fat loss or muscle gain. I wrote down my progress for each diet etc.
    I simply cannot gain any real mass and apparently with low T levels thats nearly impossible.

    I had a first visit to an endo... he told me that diet can affect T levels, but not by that much that with good diet your T levels can be OK, but with bad they'r down the drain.

    I have my second appointment in February next year.. argh.

    In meantime, whats recommended to boost my T levels? But i don't want them affected in that time as I'll have blood tests.

    I've looked into it and thought that for 8 weeks (4 weeks on, 1 week on, 4 weeks off) I could try this supps:
    - DAA ... 3g a day, half in morning half before sleep
    - PES Erase (aromatase seem to be my issue) - 2x25mg in the morning
    - Horny goat weed extract.... 2h before workout
    - Stinging nettle extract ... with horny goat weed and before sleep

    So I'd have two potential test boosters with two AI's.. Hows that sound?


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