growth hormone potentiators or zma?

  1. growth hormone potentiators or zma?

    Any body had any good experiences with either or recommend any of the two?

  2. not sure about the growth hormones, but the zma has made a big difference in my quality of sleep and muscle recovery.

  3. I second jlpurkey about zma with sleep/recovery

  4. ZMA is a daily staple in my supplement regimen

  5. For me GABA is great.
    It can help u recover lot faster and raise that GH while u r sleeping.
    ZMA is ok but nothin special.

  6. I agree with the zma proponents, vastly increases quality of sleep for me

  7. If I want good night sleep I'm taking melatonin, Valerian root and 5-HTP
    Always works.


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