Protein shakes as a primary source for calories?

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  1. No one is saying there is something wrong with Protein shakes. The discussion is whether using protein shakes as a main source of meals is a good thing. I personally cook all my meals each morning before going to work. However, when I was a traveling Microsoft engineer, I used buy those stouffers, or skillet sensations by the dozen, and just throw them in the freezer till I was ready. Tyson makes those 99% fat free chicken breast or strips that are already fully cooked. You can get those at WalMart or Target....even HEB. The biggest thing to look out for is the sodium, but a lot of them are starting lower the sodium. I think you just need to sit down and really strategically plan your meals rather than try to use Protein shakes as your main source. Devote a little time to preparing your meals, and it would save you a world of hurt or disappointment down the road.

  2. I almost NEVER use a protein supplement (other than bcaa). I cook all my lunches for the week on saturday morning, and have my snacks and dinner as needed. I also do IF and work out at 430AM, so I don't eat until noon, only have some bcaas to hold me over. Guess what? My recovery is just fine.

    real food > protein shakes, but protein shakes in a pinch are much better than nothing
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Exian
    I was thinking about trying a weight gainer but im nervous it may make me put on fat. I've been taking protein blends for about two years straight and i've def seen results, they are just slow haha. Maybe i should try one though because sometimes i starve at work and a lot of the time the only options for food are highcalorie junk foods...
    I use serious mass and I Must say I have used it for quite some time and love it's results! From the looks of your avatar, you seem pretty lean which would make me think you have a fast metabolism as well! Doesnt seem like it would convert to fat in my eyes but you know your body better than anyone else! I burn a lot of that off so it doesn't affect at all! Regarding the digestive tract issue, I use water with my shake and pretty much have no problem! I am lactose intolerant which has been getting worse as I have gotten older so I stay away from the milk and dairy.


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