College nutrition questions.

  1. College nutrition questions.

    Hello every body, I was wondering if anyone have any advice on eating cafeteria food for a lean bulk. I am going in a bit under prepared because I have no idea what they are serving. So if anyone has experiences with lean bulks during college I would love to hear about them.

    Thank you for your time,

  2. same rules apply...
    find the lean meat and veggies.

    I would definitely get some kind of nutrient partitioner.

    my college had a deli line and I would have them double up the meat.

    always keep a few spare scoops of protein and a shaker with you...just in case the only choice is pizza or deep fried mystery meat

  3. It gets pretty boring.

    Have whey available.
    Double meat sandwiches.
    Peanut butter sandwiches.

    If your college's food courts are as crappy as mine then that's about it, haha.

  4. I always lucked out during lunch time because one of the dining halls always offered grilled fish or grilled chicken. I would be real nice to the ladies and ask for double/triple fish or chicken, and then I'd always hit up their amazing salad bar and load up on spinach, artichoke, broc, tomatoes, some bacon bits, olive oil, etc.

    Sometimes I'd be rushing for time so I'd have to go to the crappy dining hall which was closer to my classes. There, I'd go straight to deli and ask for a pound of shredded turkey, basically. The dining hall I mentioned earlier also had a really good sandwich bar, serving not just turkey but roast beef, corned beef, and bacon. They would also bake your sandwiches.

    Lastly, rejoice when they have burgers. Just get like 3 burgers, toss the patties, and have yourself a triple patty cheeseburger.

    Of course, if you're in luck they'll constantly serve bbq chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, steak, pork loins, etc, and you would get that first.
    Check your form:

  5. Animal protein, remember that.

    Carbs are just too easy to come by, you wont have to worry about that (maybe worry about consuming too many!)
    Check your form:



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