Cutting/Bulking is only appropriate for....?

  1. Cutting/Bulking is only appropriate for....?

    Scooby,one of the more popular YouTube fitness gurus says that cutting and bulking cycles are more appropiate for advanced bodybuilders and/or those with a low BF%. He says that beginners/intermediates or people with a higher BF% can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time if they just eat pretty close to exactly their TDEE (Today Daily Energy Expenditure) and follow a intense weight lifting regimen.

    What are your guys opinion on this?

  2. Its called a "Recomp for newbies" since newbie gains are easy to stablish. However, try doing that after a year or more of training without knowing proper dieting skills and Training+HIIT cardio implementation and well It gets harder than a guru can explain in simple mini-videos hehe.

    But yes, it is possible for new people working out...I would say lean out first if you are really high on body fat and then steadily lean-bulk up though.
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  3. I tend to agree with him on most aspects but his voice makes it terribly hard to continue watching the video longer than 15 seconds.

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