female bulking

  1. female bulking

    Trying to put on 15 more lbs. Jst started looking into the musclepharm products. What do y'all think. Looking for help.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by naenae1 View Post
    Trying to put on 15 more lbs. Jst started looking into the musclepharm products. What do y'all think. Looking for help.
    Well as presented in that thread MusclePharm is just overhyped , underdosed , overpriced stuff. So, for bulking is NOT about supps, its about the kCalorie game. First off you have to know you need to be on a surplus of kCalories (eat more than you burn) to grow, but of course this have to be the proper kCalories , accompanied by proper training to gain LBM.

    May I ask some stats please?:

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  4. 34, 5'6, 164

  5. Quote Originally Posted by naenae1 View Post
    34, 5'6, 164
    Assuming you train 5-7 days a week with at least 3-4 days of resistance training and the rest for conditioning. You would be looking at a 2500~ kCalorie TDEE.

    I would suggest start adding 500 kCals every 2-3 weeks and adjust for more or less depending on weight ins and how your strength feels, but assuming this kCals should ensure perfect glycogen restoration for the lifts.

    Macros for Bulking are:

    .45 to .5g of fat per pound of bodyweight.
    1 to 1.25g of protein per pound of bodyweight.
    The rest of the kCalories come from grams of carbohydrates.

    Assuming you start at 3000 kCalories:

    170g of protein
    75-80g of fats
    410-450g of carbohydrates.

    Again , this should change constantly or you will plateau, my recommendation is that you weight in every week waking up on the nude after going to the bathroom and finding were you stand at. When you see weight is staggering on gains you simply add more complex carbohydrates and a bit of protein if you so wish for. Main source of kCaloric surplus should come from carbs.

    Now for Rest days and/or conditioning days, if you are concerned about making it a Lean Bulk and keeping the fat down, I would recommend you drop the Carbohydrate intake to around half as much so you replenish Glycogen stores mainly. This way the surplus won't be so high on rest/conditioning days and will keep BF (body fat) increase at bay.

    So around:

    170g of protein
    80g of fats
    250g~ of carbs.

    2400 kCalories.
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