Bulk Diet help- getting back into things after cancer

  1. Bulk Diet help- getting back into things after cancer

    What do you think of this diet? I need to probably add some protein but I do not know how to add it in a budget. I have been off work for a while, since I developed cancer. I have just been allowed to start working out again, and figure to get a decent diet as well. I do not mind a bit of fat gain as to losing 30 lbs. Again one of the main concerns is cost. I cannot be doing a dozen eggs a day just to be eating the whites.

    3 packs oatmeal
    2 cups milk 2%
    large banana
    845 cal 150 g carb 30 g pro 17 g fat

    2 slices white bread
    100g pb
    50 g honey
    876 cal 88 g carb 29 g pro 53 g fat
    1 hamburger bun
    2 patties hamburger
    2 eggs
    1 slice chedder cheese
    842 cal 24 g carb 65 g pro 50 g fat

    Post workout
    32 fl sunny d
    100 g sugar
    2 scoop protein powder
    1098 cal 232 g carb 46 g pro 2 g fat

    1 cup yogurt
    1 bananna
    295 cal 48 g carb 15 g pro 3 g fat

    what ever is made
    600 + cal

    4 cups milk (addition to breakfast)
    2 scoop protein
    728 cal 52 g carb 80 g pro 21 g fat

    totals not including dinner

    4684 cal 594 g carb 265 g pro 146 g fat

  2. Seems like a ton of sugar. I'd start by slowly replacing some of the white bread/sugar/carbs with protein and fat instead. Since your getting over cancer though I'm guessing you lost a lot of weight?. I think your body will try and overcompensate for that and you should easily gain weight back. Congratulations on beating cancer, that must have be tough. There may be things you can't eat though based on your medical background so it is difficult to suggest anything. Just do what works for you and what is allowed. It would be extremely difficult for me to concentrate on diet so much after beating cancer. I would just be thanking JESUS that my life was spared. Sorry I don't know what else to say. This is the best that I can help. Congrats again.

  3. Thanks for the imput. Hopefully I can gain some back quick!

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