Cool pre-workout drink

  1. Cool pre-workout drink

    I workout after work and on the way to the gym I stop at Valero and get a large cherry Icee (1$) on sale now. I then put it my horrible tasting pre-wo powder that includes everything I want but the dosages always seem to be low. I think because if there was ideal levels of creatine,glutamine and especially BCAA's (taste like death) no one would buy it. So then i put in my creatine and glutamine and take 10g of EAA's that i cap up myself to save money. Been doing this for a month and felt a little guilty but i think because my metabolism is pretty fast that i have used that whole drink during the workout therefore doesnt go to fat. Nasty pre-workout drink.(NOS) contains what i've listed along with caffeine, arginine, b12, etc.) Works for me and its yummy
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