Looking for advise

  1. Looking for advise

    Hi everyone,

    Im currently at 220lbs mostly fat ive been training now for 6 monthes since starting my body has changed ive gained muscle all over.

    I want to put on muscle mass all over an lose the fat, will post pics soon of current state .
    Im on a cycle of cypranate an enthanate 1ml of each per week currently 6 weeks in.

    My diet isant the best i take in around 250g protien per day also still eating a lot of fatty products which i know i need to cut out im just cutting it down slowly, i also drink alot of fizzy pop.

    All critism welcome, would just like opinions on where i should go from here

    Thanks Wheato2415

  2. Number one thing is you wont see the best results into you get your diet in line bud.. diet is just as or even more important than the workout routine. You stated your own issue in your original post. If you correct it, you will be amaze at the results that follow.

  3. Thanks for the reply,
    To bulk all over do i have to eat more carbs than rda? Or is it more logical to trim the fat then bulk up?

  4. Whats your bodyfat, from the knowledge i have gained from here and real life, i see most people bulking to about15- 20% at most than cutting to 10 or so. Than bulking back up, keeping that cycle up gaining muscle everytime, you mention something about your weight, so a cut might not be a bad idea

    Anytime i love to help out

  5. holy crap most people really bulk to 20%. i only bulk to 14%, its to much work to get down form 20%. if you stay at 15% and below its much easier to cut when you want

  6. i have seen the spectrum being between 15-20, everyone has different bodies and goals. I know guys that as soon as their abs get a little cover, they cut. I also know guys that push the limits if bulk and fatass. Sorry i thought i put that in my post bud

  7. no need to apologize. thats cool. i freak out when i go above 15% it was alot of work to get to where i am. i wish i could bulk till 20% but every time i get close to 15% i have to start cardio back up

  8. Yuppers, I was up to 16 i think in May and that was the end of that

  9. Hey guys I have a quick question im about to get on my first cycle of test e and a kicker of dbol do you think its worth getting a weight gainer protein instead of a whey protein to get my cal intake up in my shakes before bed and post workout? I have a insanely fast metabolism so I know im not going to put fat on I can eat what I want and my bodyfat stays the same so im thinking getting a high cal protein powder would be a easy way to get cals up what do you think? any advice or critism would be much appreciated thanks.


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