young 33 year old skinny fat type 2 diabetes and low T

  1. young 33 year old skinny fat type 2 diabetes and low T

    This is my first post on this forum after lurking around for months.
    MY profile:
    I am Indian by ethnicity and diabetes type 2 runs in my family. I smoked a brief period in my life throughout my 20s and did smoke marijuana for four years straight.
    I have always been skinny growing up weighing around 120 lbs at 5'10" till my early 20s. I got into bodybuilding when i was 27 and bulked up to 155 lbs with 13 % bf. I have been seriously lifting for the past three years now and have never been able to break the 155 lb barrier.
    I currently weigh 145 lbs with 20% body fat (most of it abdominal). I know this is miserable. I have been training constantly for the past six months and I am just beginning to understand my body. If I eat a lot (healthy foods only) and workout a lot I do make some gains. But my gains just vanish and I seem to be gaining fat no matter who hard I hit the gym. I experimented with the diet but no results.
    Here is one more bad thing I have noticed. I used to break out a lot when I was younger, on my face and back. Suddenly I was acne free for years. But whenever I lift heavy (lower body workouts) I break out. I assume its the DHT build up due to the testosterone spike.
    I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes (actually prediabetic) and I am taking metmorfin hydrochloride to manage it.
    In order to gain bulk and at the same time lose fat TRT,HRT has always been on my mind. But I am so hesitant to take it because I know that I am prone to lot of acne. I am really lost in the ocean. The doctors in India are not very keen on experimenting with HRT,TRT because it is not their forte and not many people are into bodybuilding with low T.
    MY T levels are 350 ng/dl. LH, FSH levels are borderline too.
    I am wondering if there is any other dude with my condition. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. You say you eat healthy foods but what consists of healthy to you? When you were on your bulk what did your diet look like, what foods were you eating and drinking? Also did you work out your TDEE and your macros? If you did how did you track your calories?

    A lot of people under estimate how important a diet is and generally over estimate what they eat too.

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