Junk food q

  1. Junk food q

    How's it going everybody, This is my first post but I'm not new to am. I've been browsing for over a year. My question is, does eating junk food regularly actually contribute negatively towards overall gains or would it just not contribute very much?

  2. You won't lose muscle from junk food but it certainly will cause increase in fat and decrease in energy which may lead to less gains indirectly.

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  3. If you fit it into your daily macros it will do nothing, although if you are trying to make a better body why would you fill up on junk food?

  4. High caloriic foods tend to have very low nutrient levels (not in all cases though). Some people like to "dirty" bulk by eating low nutrient dense foods that have high calories but in the long run and for better health go for the more nutreint dense alternatives.

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