Help me! Im bulking and lost my appetite!

  1. Help me! Im bulking and lost my appetite!

    Im 19 years old and have been training hard and smart for 3 years I just got done with a bodybuilding show 3 months ago and finished cutting late April. I gave myself a 2 week break out of the gym and I started bulking and for the past couple weeks I've lost my appetite big time. I've been forcing myself to eat cause I know my body needs the protein and carbs. Im also on my first cycle of gear 2 weeks in. Please any advice would help.

  2. Could definitely be the gear. Depends what type you are using but loss of appetite is a side for some I have read. Most people are going to say to wait another 2 years at the very least before you start on gear. You gotta just keep eating anyway even when it hurts. You can try adding a small amount of cardio to boost the appetite. Depending on your build you may want to add a few more semi-healthy cheat foods or look up recipes for healthy food that tastes good. I have a hard time eating 3000+ calories too so my go to meals are steak and potatoes as well as BBQ chicken and corn.

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  3. I'm short and thick I'm 5'7, 185lbs, 12% bf
    I'm stacking dianabol with test e and deca. The dosages are moderate to low. My diet consists of at least 2lbs of red meat and always complex carbs everyday

  4. Are you supplementing anything else? While I haven't ran any AAS I've read up tons on them and you should probably think about getting some fish oil, Hawthorne berries and CoQ-10. I'd try to expand your food variety too. Add some chicken, turkey and fatty Fisher like Tuna or Salmon. Be careful of your BP and Cholesterol with all that red meat consumption on AAS's.

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  5. Also this is a pretty hefty first cycle from my research so I hope you have properly lined up all your PCT stuff. You need to be very careful at your age(and mine 22) when messing with hormones. At this age it'll affect you for life so be very cautious!

    Edit: You will want to get some sort of liver support if you haven't already with the Dianabol such as Liv52.

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  6. Im taking clomid and arimidex for my pct and I'm being very cautious I've been doing research for about 6 months now and talked to human sources and Internet and read laymans guide to AAS 1-3 by mick hart. I'm just hoping its not the gear and it's just a funk but I'll see! I'll add some variety and leaner meats thanks for the input

  7. Ya sorry the concern haha just don't want to see anyone get hurt. I read several threads and have heard from one of my friends who ran DBol that the side effects can vary a lot and he had experienced appetite loss during one cycle so maybe just look out see if it gets worse.

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  8. Hahaha yeah hopefully it's not the gear and do you think if I keep forcing myself it'll hurt me? I've always been a strong believer in listening to you body but Gear isn't cheap so I don't want this to go to waste

  9. I don't think forcing yourself to eat is going to hurt you as long as you have a nutritionally balanced diet. Like I said I would start eating some other protein meats like fish and poultry. Do you do any cardio? Also while gear isn't cheap the repercussions of not listening to your body as far as abnormal side effects go will be far more expensive in the long run monetarily and emotionally. Not saying loss in appetite is a big deal just talking about in general. Also depends on the calories you are consuming. If you are eating 4000-5000 calories which I assume you are somewhere around there it wouldn't be too abnormal to not be hungry a lot. If this problem all of a suddenly started around when the gear started its probably a side and I wouldn't be all too worried yet.

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  10. I train 4 days a week and im into HIT training. Dorian yates is big on High Intensity Training. I do a half an hour of stairs every couple days

  11. It is most likely all the complex carbs that are keeping you full. Try having some high glycemic food for breakfast first thing, in about an hour you will be hungry as if you've been starving. I would recommend a small potato feast, that is what always works for me.

  12. maryjane has been proven to be a pretty powerful appetite stimulator in my years of research

  13. Try front loading extra calories in the morning. It should make your hungrier throughout the day. Back when I ate breakfast in the morning, I would eat 5 eggs, 2 turkey sausages, glass of OJ (no extra sugar added), and oatmeal cooked in milk. It was 1000 calories in a single meal and went down very easy.


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