16 years old, need some help.

  1. 16 years old, need some help.

    Im 5"7 around 170 lbs with 15 bodyfat, cant see my abs yet. Well i have been working out for a year soon, gonna cut down to 10 bodyfat before i start bulking, will use a 4 day split.

    How long should i bulk?
    How many lbs should i aim for?
    Should i cut down 10 bf, then bulk up to around 15-16, then repeat?
    What is a realstic goal to get in 5 years? with dieting all time and heavy workouts.

  2. Everything here depends on what you want. If you want pure size and don't care about seeing your abs for a while, then bulk. How long should you bulk? Idk, as long as you can go healthily without getting a huge gut?

    I usually bulk until my stomach gets big enough to annoy me everyday. Then I cut for a month hardcore and go back. Usually my bulks last around 4 months?

    You're only 16 years old, I personally think that your gains are going to be slow. If your diet and workouts are right (right means you do plenty, but don't hurt yourself), you could gain a good amount. Few pounds per month at first?

    A realistic goal in 5 years is a stupid question. Workout for a few months and come back, talk about your results, what you ate, how you worked out.

    Your workouts should change every 5-10 weeks in my opinion, so just change it up, try a few 5-10 week workouts, and come back and re-post. Nobody is going to tell you that you will be Ryan Hughes in 5 years.

  3. hey bud, ima 17 so i have expierencing or expierenced mostly everything you have, i have madr gains the natural and right for a teen to do it.. 155 in 9th grade benching 135 to 190lbs going into senior year benching 295.. so pm me if you want to ask me anything

  4. If youre gonna cut down, identify key points in your diet that got you there. For there just alter ratios to better fit a clean bulking diet. Increase protein a small amount, carb intake should be about 60% of your diet, lower the fats.

    How long and how big is really dependent on what numbers you're trying to achieve. Set short term and long term goals for yourself over the course of, lets say, 6-8 months. What strength gains would you like to see? How much weight would you like to gain. Sometimes I advise putting weight in the backseat - it can f*ck with your head.

    Start with a clean diet and a solid training program designed professionally. Theres plenty to go by for free on the internet. My personal suggestion is Scivation or DC (if you have good lifting experience and a reliable gym partner) or the X Rep system supported by IronMan Magazine. See what you can achieve on your own, dont worry about any supplementation until you have solid numbers that represent your capabilities.

    And, most importantly: asks questions. Always ask questions.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
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  5. Try a 5x5 based program. Great for strength gains and works your whole body.



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