How much is too much?

  1. How much is too much?

    Ok, so I'm 38 6'5 330lbs. On a test tren cycle. Just got back from the Doc, who doesnt know I'm geared. I have High BP and have gained 40 lbs since the last visit. I powerlift and would like a crack at breaking the world raw bench. Right now, I'm benching in the low 600s consistently and need to get over 715 for the record. However, how much weight is too much? When does the extra body weight become a health concern? Also, my Doc ran blood work and is testing Test levels, lipids, liver, etc. Again, he doesnt know I'm geared. what will the blood work show? I know if I cut, my bench will go Do i just keep gaining or what? Any advice? Didn't know where to post this, kind of a couple diffrent subjects here. Any advice would help.

  2. trust me the doc will know your geared normal test levels are about 600 to 800 when yours comes back way over 1000 he will know

  3. **** 600 lb bench man i should take some pointers from you lol. Strating my first beat cycle soon maybe that will help but ya like the other guy said he will know. Doc know at what range everything is suppose to be at and ya your **** is gunna come back 2-3 times over the normal limit so ya he will no. And IMO i dont think it matters put as much on as you want and break that record.

  4. 1. "Normal levels of testosterone in men range from 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter." -livestrong website
    In other words, there is no set "norm" for male testosterone levels. Yes, the doc will undoubtedly have an idea when yours comes up higher than what he's used to seeing, but you can always just say you have naturally high test levels or something like that.
    2. About the excess weight thing, imagine a plastic bag. You fill that big up with more than it can handle and it will stretch and maybe even tear. Your body is the same way. You have to make slow gains and be patient or else your body doesn't have time to adapt (stretch marks).
    3. Mass doesn't always equal strength. You have to know the difference between muscle and fat and be conscious of what you're putting in your body to stay healthy.
    Too much weight is definitely not natural or healthy but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to be a champion right?
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  5. wow good ass reply I don't know how to give you a rep but ya got norhing to add to that

  6. Haha thanks man


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