Workout Plan

  1. Workout Plan

    I'm 22 years old and about 165 pounds. I want to shed about 10 pounds and then bulk up. My problem has always been the lack of motivation to go to the gym. I feel embarrassed working out in public and looking like a wimp. I'm trying to get started on police academy training, and I just need a good plan to follow and I can motivate myself to do it. I also need help picking out the correct supplements for my goals. Any advice is appreciated! Thank!

  2. First, you got to get over the hump of feeling embarassed. After a long time off, I recommitted myself to lifting last year and could barely get 3 sets of bench in with just the bar. At 325 lbs, I guess you could say I looked like a big wimp... But the time you put into yourself will be well rewarded.

    Getting over the hump. Find a gym you feel comfortable with. I had to look at 6 different places before I felt I found the right one. Been there for over a year now. Second, find some type of motivation - a bodybuilding magizine, watch video clips of the pro's on YouTube, dream about the future and set a few goals (both short and long term), or find a workout partner with the same goals. Third, get an iPod and get some really good tunes you enjoy, that will keep you pumped and focused.

    As for supps, I recommend reading through the logs here at AM. Wanting to lose 10 and then bulk, there are quite a few stacks out there that could help as long as your diet is dialed in. There is a wealth of knowledge here, folks that have been around, as well as the company reps, that have some great reviews and advice when you're ready. You'll find different combinations that might be what you're looking. The one positive is that are some very good companies with some great products to choose from.

    The above is my personal opinion and the things I did when I recommitted. I am sure there are others here that will offer some very sound advice. If you want to see what I've run the past year do a search for "Phat Guy does...". Good luck.
    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  3. if your worried about what people are thinking at a gym go to one that is not known for having pros or amateur bodybuilders in there. I go to anytime fitness just because of my work schedule they are open 24 hours 7 days a week and staff leaves pretty early. They give you a little electronic key and you can go anytime i usually go around 1 or 2:00 in the morning and im always the only one in there. To bulk up its eat eat eat i know your tired of hearing that but its the most important what helped me alot was finding the N-Large 2 made by prolab and each serving with milk is about 900 calories over 100 grams of carbs and around 60 grams of protein. Do that 3 times a day with your normal eating and you will gain weight. Always use a multi vitamin and add creatine with it as well and if you have the extra money get glutamine as well. Dont do alot of cardio and keep your lifting to an hour that should be plenty of time for you. if your lacking knowledge on routines to do you can pick up any of the magazines they all are good but in my opinion i would get muscular developement. if you have more extra money get the Arnold Bodybuilding Encyclopedia. After you get the 24 hour gym membership and the N-Large 2 weigh gainer/protein and creatine supplements and a magazine you will be on a great start. And if it makes you feel any better i havent trained for 3 or 4 months from an injury i was at 240 now im about 210 or 215 but i see myself as 110 pounds so definately now my 24 hour gym is great while im just starting to train again. You will be fine

  4. If your serious about the police academy I would include a lot of closed chain exercises in your workout.
    Example squats, pull-ups, dips.
    Good luck

  5. 3 day splits, monday, Wednesday, Friday. bench press, squats, deadlifts each day, 6-12 reps 3 or 4 sets, make a friend, a workout partner is good for motivation, 4-6 weeks of this and you'll be ready for a new routine, the first week you might need more rest than a day, dont worry if it's Monday, Friday, Monday, if your really sore, dont workout, you haven't healed yet. the hardest part is getting started dont worry about other people, in a few weeks you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

  6. U arnt in higb school anymore. No one gives half a **** how much u bench. With that said, judt follow a few rules and you shouldnt feel embarrased at all

    -dont curl in the squat rack
    -dont sit on a bench and text all day
    -dont make gym time social hour
    -dont bring food to the gym

    Pretty easy right

  7. Here is some advice.
    Pick up your fu**ing drum and march,march with it beat your OWN TUNE,f*** everyone else and what they think.No-one in the gym cares what you are doing,be concerned with yourself not other people.

    As for supps,FORGET THEM COMPLETELY for now, get your diet in order first and then get your training in order once you have done that train for month supp free(you can still take whey and creatine etc) and then start to add in supps one at a time in order to see what kind effects they have.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Forgot the mention the best sups worth paykng for are
    -fish oil (make sure its from small fish like anchovies)
    -a good multivitamin (orange triad is the best but u can start cheaper)
    -protein (make sure reputable company. Supplements arent regulated so companies can sell bunk powder and not get in trouble)

    Dont worry too much about creatine right now until u know your limits. Otheriwse u wont be able to tell how effective is for u


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