Bulking diet

  1. Bulking diet

    Guys,can you help me to construct a bulkin diet with the following food:
    Quaker oats,eggs,whole meal bread,sugar free peanut butter,cheddar cheese,milk,sweet potato,white rice,vegetables,honey.and I have meat and fish occasionally but I'm a student so I would like to know how do I get a 3000-3500 calories mea not including the meat i will be consuming as they are not consistent.so how do I get these calories and protein needed with these limited amount of food.

  2. And I eat around 6 meals a day.thanks guys.

  3. Dude , check out my log haha , you are kinda in my calorical range and I use the same foods with a lot of different recipes xD, lately I have been posting up a lot of the recipes , might help you out!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  4. How do I check your log?

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