Should I start a bulk

  1. Should I start a bulk

    I'm 38, 5'10" and was completely out of shape @ 207 when I started a cut cycle 14 weeks ago. I don't know my start body fat but it had to be in the 30's easy. I'm now down to 180 and around 19% bf. i use a scale that measures bf and I know those things aren't totally accurate but I've found it at least consistent. I may go for a hydro test soon.

    I'm pleased with my results considering my age and only 14 weeks. I'm planning a clean bulk when I return from vacation that I'd do for 12 weeks and then another cut.

    I've heard the flipping back and forth can work best but wanting to get some feedback. I do feel like I've hit a plateau with cutting body fat but not so much in building strength.

    Any thoughts? Should I try to cut more or go as planned?

    Thanks for help!

  2. Same age but I am much smaller. Personally I would try to cut a little more if you can to about 12-15% then do a "bulk". I have gained about 8 lbs while deployed-staying between 11-12%. However if you have hit a plateau and can't break through try your bulk then cut again. BTW, great job on the progress thus far. Look into Intermittent Fasting as way to change things up and cut some more. I hate small meals. I eat from noon to 6PM. That's it!! It can do great thing for your body regarding hormones and nutrient partitioning.

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