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    Ok I haven't posted in a while so here's my current. I weigh variably from 212 to 209 depending on the day I'm 6ft 2in and am at around 14% bf. I'm currently training using the CrossFit football method which is a mix of Mark Rips starting strength with a bit of endurance and conditioning for football. I enjoy this program and am getting a lot stronger. The issue that I'm having is that I want to drop bf without dropping much weight my diet is pretty clean (I'll post a sample) an I hardly use supplements anymore. When I tweak my diet as far as calories I either do a 300-400 cal surplus or go to my maintenance. However when I go on my surplus I notice that I gain some stubborn belly fat and pudge even with slight surplus if I lower it I lose weight and bulk. I want to drop to a 12% - 10% and be at a 210. Sample diet: Breakfast 5 whole eggs1 cup whole milk1/2 scoop whey5 slices turkey hamSnack2 mozzarella cheese sticksLunch or PRE12 oz. chicken breast (or equivalent protein meal)Whole wheat pasta (or equivalent carb meal)Post WO1 scoop whey1/2 serving maltodextrin1 cup whole milk6tbsp natty pbDinner 8-10oz. Flank steak (or equivalent protein meal)Serving of asparagus (or other green veggie)As many tbsp of Olive Oil as it takes to hit the rest of my rx'd calories. Please let me know what I can add or change currently my macros areProtein: 300-330gCalories: 3000-3400Carbs: 120-170Fats: 170-200+

  2. You could try eating a smaller portion of pasta. And instead of whole milk you could change to 1%. Doing this might help get your bodyfat down with out losing significant amounts of weight.

  3. Personally, I gauge progress by strength, not weight, for that very reason. If you hit a plateau then eating too little could possibly be the cause, but if you're already making reasonable strength gains then adding more calories is just going to make you fat. You just have to be patient, keep lifting, and keep getting stronger. Eventually you will gain enough muscle to be noticeably bigger, but overeating won't speed up the process.

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