How important is it to get blood work done if taking erase pro and test boosters

  1. How important is it to get blood work done if taking erase pro and test boosters

    I started taking erase pro and I would like to know what I can take with it an if I should blood work done while taking it

  2. Not really needed , since none of them are PH , they are natty stuff, BUT if you are feeling bad, or some weird unknown sides...By all means do get it. If not , and still feel like getting it , we would actually love some info and data on BW for Erase Pro and any Test Boosters you are taking :3 I'm sure the science experts here would love it hehe , I aint a pro but I would ;D!

  3. If you're wanting blood work done for the sole purpose of seeing changes in hormone levels you would've needed to do the same tests prior to supplementation. There's nothing to compare it to otherwise. Erase Pro can be stacked with a variety of supplements. DAA, Intimidate, Compound20, or Anabeta/Anabeta Elite are just a few popular (and effective) stacking options right now. What you would want to stack it with also varies depending on your goals.
    PEScience Representative

  4. not at all needed for that type of stuff.

  5. not really necessary, but regular blood work is always a good idea in my opinion.

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