Intense workout, but good for bulking???

  1. Arrow Intense workout, but good for bulking???

    I've been doing this Xfit/High endurance type of workout 1-2x a week, and have noticed some size gain. Will this benefit me in the long run you guys think? NEED SIZE!

  2. ok link don't frikin embed but you get my point. :/

  3. if your relatively new to training then look into a 5x5 routine...
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  4. I do live crossfit, but if size is what you are after it isn't going to be the best program for you.
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  5. I agree with the above guys. Crossfit is great for getting in shape and conditioning, but for overall size, you're going to need to do something like starting strength, 5x5, or 5,3,1. basic barbell movements with heavy weight works great for beginners..

  6. lol just saw 'high endurance type' and stopped reading,
    brb gonna try to get skinny and big at the same time.

  7. The gains from that type of training will be temporary, similar to how p90X will get you "in shape", but if you want to get "big" then you have to train heavy and give your body a real reason to grow, but the training is the easy part, the discipline comes with eating enough to support the kinds of gains you want.

  8. i agree with the majority of posts. if your looking to REALLY bulk up, def look into 5x5. other wise, if you do the crossfit type stuff, youll still make great LEAN gains, while building muscle..def eat a **** ton though if your doing cross fit and want to bulk up (with a good diet of course)

  9. Training to gain will require intense, but brief sessions with an emphasis of rest and healing and an abundance of calories. Food. Lots of it. Food is the most anabolic substance known to man.
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