going on a super bulk to play college football; how to go about this?

  1. going on a super bulk to play college football; how to go about this?

    Alright, so basically, i'm trying to be the biggest, strongest, and fastest human being that my body will allow for. My goal has always been to play at a high level in football, so here is my last resort i guess. currently, I am 6'2' ish and weigh right around 210. My goal is to at least get to 230 by the end of my senior year of high school, which is 8 weeks away. I am not trying to ever get cut, lean, ripped, or anything but huge. I am willing to bulk up to 20%, currently I have no clue what it is, I would guess somewhere around 10%. I have played years and years of many different sports, so i believe my athleticism is right up there where it needs to be. I have also lifted for a couple years, but mostly it has been with the wrong nutrition in placed. However, after getting gypt out of opportunities to play college football, and never really being given a shot at the right positions in my junior and senior years (I started both ways at lineman my senior year, while being faster than a majority of the DB/WR's), I'm going to give this football thing one final shot.

    Not only do i want to gain a good 20 pounds, but I also want to gain quite a bit of strength on my core lifts. My goal is to play outside linebacker, i figure they'll redshirt me the first year i get there anyways, i just got to look good enough as a walk-on to make it. The college is the U of Nevada-Reno, they are a decent D1 football program. So in order to gain all this strength and weight, i'm figure to go about it in a sort of Powerlifting/Bodybuilding routine, or Powerbuilding. alternatively, i could also use a volume/mass-building program. If someone could clarify exactly which routine would be best for building strength and gaining weight in a short amount of time, this would be helpful.

    I try as best I can to consume 6,000-8,000 calories a day, but i do have a family (don't live with my parents anymore) that is unsupportive and looking for me to fail that i rely on to get groceries. They will continually stock up on sweet crap, junk food, and other empty calories (they are fat pieces of s***) and ration better foods such as milk. An example of this would be that they only buy two gallons of milk a week, and blame me if i go through it too fast. They figure two gallons of milk a week for a house with two milk drinkers is good enough, yet there is always candy, pastries, muffins, and other sugary crap filling the cupboards. So, my point is, while I will try to down 6k-8k in nutrient-rich calories every day, a good portion of junk food will often be thrown in there.

    Another problem could be actually getting to the gym, i hardly can make it to school and back every single day, let alone get a ride to the gym. I have no car up here either. My money is very limited, but i spend most of it on supplements, vitamins, and other essential. Currently I am taking this C4 extreme crap, which honestly seems to be a waste of 30$. I also take NO fury, Creatine 3x, a multi for "performance", fish oil, and several other vitamins mainly for acne and other overall health concerns.

    So am I doing this right, is this s*** gonna work, or what? Advice would be nice. My goal is to become the biggest and strongest person i can be, while still maintaining that high level of athleticism. eventually i wanna get to around 250, but I figure they put you on their own diet, routine, and everything on a college football program. so that's it, I'm gonna give it my best shot, and that's all you can do I guess.

  2. If you don't have enough funds to buy decent bulking foods and you aren't going to be able to get to the gym each day then you are going to end up putting on 20lbs of fat. Are you able to afford any weight gainer type of protein drink? This will be able to get you some extra calories in without it being complete junk. Even then though if you can't train regularly this is just going to be a waste of money and you may as well eat the junk food that is being bought.

    If you can't make it to the gym 3-5 times a week then I would forget about gaining the weight for the moment. Wait until you get to college and then hit the gym hard and add in some 'good' extra calories. You aren't expecting to be on the team for the first year so this will give you a chance to bulk up then. You can also see what the other players have in terms of strength and size so you will know the standard you need to reach and can probably get the coach to give you a training program.

  3. I would advocate dropping the C4 and NO fury and use that money instead for a bus pass and some good food. Supps like that are awesome to have, but only after you have your proper diet and training regime in place, otherwise they will do nothing for you. You can take all the NO supps you want, but if you ca't get to the gym they won't add up to anything.

    Eating for bulking can be very expensive, but if you put a little thought into it you CAN make it work on a budget.

    Instead of buying weight gainer shake mix, just use a good whey and casein and add olive oil, eggs and peanut butter to it for good extra calories. A carton of eggs is a couple of bucks and has 840 GREAT calories, a jar of natural PB goes for $6 and has over 6000 calories, these are great cheap ways to get good quality calories in your daily diet instead of eating all those refined sugars and bleached flours that will do little but add on pudge and make you insulin resistant.

    Now for LEAN protein, chicken breast is my #1 choice. Go with the "chicken breast with rib meat" instead of the well trimmed kind and it should save you about $1/lb and you can cut off the rough connective tissue yourself with some scissors. This will run you about $3/lb and give you 50grams of high quality protein. Pork is also an EXCELLENT choice as you can trim the excess fat off of pork chops and it's almost as lean as chicken, or leave the fat on for your higher fat meals. Pork also gives you dietary creatine as a nice bonus and is generally cheaper than chicken.

    Good carbs are REALLY cheap and easy to get too! A 2lb bag of brown rice should run you about $3 and will provide you with about 2000 calories and 450g of a perfect complex carb. Also old fashioned oats are a perfect choice for this and are relatively cheap. The fresh fruits and veggies is where it can get a little pricey, but try to get your veggies from the produce section and cook them yourself instead of getting canned or frozen, it will be much less expensive. Try to stick with in-season local fruit and you can keep your cost down on that as much as possible.

    So there you have it, some really good options for acheiving your goals and keeping the bill as low as possible. You may get bored eating nothing but this stuff, but you wont go broke. When you have more money someday you can spice up your food selection and add the supplements you want, but stick to the basics for now.

    Keep it up with the daily multis, fish oil and creatine though. Vitamins are definitely an essential and the benefits of creatine are undeniable and it's dirt cheap as far as supplements go.

    Hope this helps!

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