some help please

  1. some help please

    i am a junior football player bulking and training for next season. i started lifting in december, at 5ft 8 in 170 pounds.. bench 185... squat 300 and deadlift 350(hexbar its what my coach makes us use) i am as of yesterday 183... bench 265 squat 385 and deadlift 460( it was our max out day) i know its really good gains but i have been about the same weight since mid february. i have a 2500 cal diet with a mass gainer. what else can i do to gain mass. i want to be 190-200 for football.

  2. I'm 171-172lbs and eat 3200-3700 cals/day and (if you're a junior in high school) I'm probably 10-11 years older than you which would typically make my metabolism and BMR a little lower than yours. No mystery here, you just need to eat more. WAY more. Those strength gains are definitely impressive, I'll give you that, but to gain size you really are going to have to put down a lot more food than 2500 cals/day. I'd suggest upping that by 100-200 cals/day every week or so until you start to see the scale move again.
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  3. Thanks for the advice bud!

  4. Dude, I am up to 188 right now. I am using a calorie counter and i hit 3800 today! Great advice and it actually work real quick!

  5. Glad to hear it! Don't forget to up your cals as you're gaining or you'll stall out again.
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  6. yeah stick with that amount. when I hit 200, I started doing 4000 calories and that worked for me.

  7. i hitting about 3700 a day


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