Bulking question!

  1. Bulking question!

    Until how many weeks out from a competition should I stop bulking to play it safe??

  2. is this your first time cutting for competition? and what is your bf% and what bf% would you like to compete at?

  3. Yes this is my first time and I would like to be at 8% and right now I believe I am 14 or 12 %

  4. Ur going to wanna be at least 7% maybe even six. But that's just my options. I mean 8% on stage? Maybe for a weekend at the beach but on stage u wanna aim for 5-7 IMO. Every one looks different though, n hold there fat differently.

  5. Okay so 5% sounds good to me so when should I stop my bulk phase like how many weeks out from my comp?

  6. Not really sure 4-5 weeks pends how it works best for u to hold as much muscle as u can.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by hugry4more
    Not really sure 4-5 weeks pends how it works best for u to hold as much muscle as u can.
    I am 9weeks out and can't see my Abbs but my arms legs look good my back could do better but it seems my stomach area is where my last percent of body fat is so should I stop now with the bulking?

  8. Say you are at 14% now...and you want to get to 5%-thats 9 percent bodyfat you have to loose in 9 weeks. Its time to start now.
    ~Get shredded or die trying! The alphamine chapter~

  9. I think it would have been wiser to start dieting way earlier

  10. During cutting how long should i cut to preserve as much muscle as i can?

  11. usually 6 to 8 weeks out depending on your bodyfat....2 months is plenty of time to get in shape


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