#1 custom protein shake

  1. #1 custom protein shake

    I've been trying to bulk up here lately. And decided to try a custom shake.

    True mass
    Olive oil
    1 whole egg

    What else is worked well for you?

  2. whey, natty pb, fruit, plain greek yogurt, straw nesquick, honey, oats, almond milk
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  3. What do you mean the natty pb.
    I'm kinda new to this. And is the honey for taste?

  4. all natural peanutbutter....
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  5. Strawberries, blueberries , half banana, scoop of whey powder and 2 table spoons of PB.... Sooooo good. Crushes all of my ice cream cravings too.

  6. Nesquick or hersheys syrup. Ice cream.

  7. 8oz skim milk
    4oz ground flax
    4oz ground rye
    4oz lecithin
    50g whey isolate
    1 tablespoon cod liver oil
    1 tablespoon grapeseed oil
    2 tablespoon almond butter
    1ml liquid CoQ10
    1ml dmae h3


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