1. realistic?

    SO I made the decision to change my training goals from doing a heavy bulk every fall/winter and a cut every spring/summer. I have now decided that this will hopefully be my last true cut for a long time. I'm about 3-4weeks out from my goal of %7bf. I'd like to maintain %7-8 year round and only add lean muscle. I realize that progress will be slower, but since I'm relatively happy with my current size I'm not too concerned. That being said I'm currently 6'0 and will be sitting @ 184-186 @ %7bf. My goal is to between May 1st and November 28th is to hit 200lb. %7-8bf. I'll be running an 8 week cycle of Androhard V3 may 1st and plan a cycle of Halodrol @ 50/75/75/75/75/100 around beginning of August. Are these goals realistic?

  2. Any goal is realistic. It's about you putting your focus towards something that YOU want to achieve. If you want to achieve this, then sure it's realistic. Realistic for you

  3. okay I guess what I ment is with proper diet and training is this something anyone could do or is this expecting too much or too little? Could I put on 60lb. Gain no body fat in 4 months, no. So would these goals be reasonable?

  4. instead of androhard, i would suggest andromass. it will cut body fat down but also add lean mass.
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