Can I gain muscle while doing Cardio?

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    Moderate about 200 cals burned total
    That's fine and it's actually a good idea to get the blood flowing and to warm up the CNS.
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  2. Just do some moderate and some HIIT, mix both in, can't go wrong with it.
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  3. A marathon runner and sprinter rely on completely different energy systems and therefore their training reflects this. Apples and Oranges. HIIT is perfect for blasting fat and increasing BMR, however if calorie intake is not sufficient, this may hinder muscle growth. I would not say don't do it, but just make sure your getting the calories in.

    Going for a run beforehand is a good idea, and the short duration of 10minutes moderate is ideal imo. throw in some movements that get the blood flowing to the parts of the body you are targeting in your weight training just to get them warm.


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