Carbo Gain vs. Cytocarb 2

  1. Hello Am,
    I was wondering, which type of carb powder is themist effective? Should I make my own?
    Help greatly appreciated!

  2. i have both carbogain (now) and efx karbolyn....some times carbogain clumps if its not mixed fast enough, oats work just as good
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  3. So you are saying that just adding oats will have thesam effect?
    Thanks for the reply!

  4. define effect for me...what are you trying to accomplish with the carbs?
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  5. Weight gain, does not matter if fat also increases, am an ectomorph

  6. then whatever fits ur budget, oats will work and its a whole food source..i use a mixture of oats and dextrose/malto....i use the karbolyn for easy morning carbs when i need them...
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  7. Okay,
    Thanks. Will purchase carbo gain.
    What do you think about op serious mass?

  8. i think weightgainers are too expensive, you can make your own for alot less and make it the way you want....for example: youre already buying carbogain, im sure you have some protein and peanut butter and such at your house...heres what i do sometimes....40g protein, banana, strawberries, greek yogurt plain, 2tblsp strawberry nesquick, natty peanut butter, milk, shaved ice..then blend!
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  9. Thanks for the tip.
    Will do.


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