Please critique bulking diet!- serious 16 yr old lifter

  1. Please critique bulking diet!- serious 16 yr old lifter

    just got done with a small cut and now im preparing to bulk for a weightlifting comp for football in may. currently 205 9% BF and im not trying to put on much if any fat. i also drink close to a gallon of water a day *this is my diet that has to work around school hours and what not. Also ALOT of cardio is done along lifting in football.

    1st meal 7:00am: 1 1/2 cup old fashion oatmeal, scoop and a half of whey (or 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg depending on time), fish oil cap, 2 tbs flax seed powder, 1 b-100 multi-vitamin, 1 tbsp natty PB and a banana
    2nd meal 9:45am: 1 low sugar promax bar (because im in class), half a cup soy energy blend (soy beans, pumpkin kernals, almonds and dried cranberrys)
    3rd meal (lunch) 11:45am: 2 turkey sandwiches (Ezekiel bread, 3-4 slices deli turkey or roast beef but i wash the salt off, 1 slice lowfat cheese, romaine lettuce) fish oil cap, 1 oz almonds and an apple
    pre workout meal 2:00: 1 scoop whey
    post workout 4:30: scoop and a half of whey and dextrose added (grapes, oranges, apple etc until my dextrose arrives in the mail)
    5th meal 6:30: 8-10oz chicken breast, cup and a half cooked brown rice 1 oz almonds 1 fish oil cap and 2 celery sticks
    6th meal 8:30: 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg and a sweet potato 2 celery sticks
    7th meal 10:30: cup and half 2% cottage cheese, 2 tbsp natty PB, fish oil cap and 1oz almonds (but i do have a binging problem when it comes to almonds so maybe a little more
    carbs: 400ish protein: 320ish fat:115ish

  2. Looks good to me. Do you take a multi vitamin? Maybe to up calorie intake you could eat 2 sandwiches @ lunch. And what i do for dextrose is i eat either nerds or pixie sticks there made of dextrose and they taste nice and sweet.

    Train hard. Eat big to get big.

  3. yeah i take b-100 high energy complex which has amino acids and all kinds of vitamins and minerals in it every morning. ok i can up the sandwitches and im liking the dextrose idea thanks

  4. up the fats and drop the cardio if youre trying to bulk.....
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  5. also assuming you workout 3-5 days a week, your tdee is around 3300-3500cals
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  6. where should i add the fats? yeah i take wednesday and sunday off and i would drop cardio on a normal bulk but since im in football i have no choice but to go along with the cardio

  7. you are going to need to increase cals to compensate for excess cardio but add the fats wherever! eat more almonds since you like some closer to bed with slow digesting protein..okay, i see your last meal is cc with almonds which is good, 2 tblsp of natty peanut butter throughout the day will add fats and roughly 190-200 cals to your intake. do it twice a day and it will help your overall calories
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  8. oh yeah i almost forgot about the natty pb. i have 2 tblsp before bed with that. you say twice a day so should i have it first thing in the morning with the oats and protein? i used to do that until i realized it would slow down the digesting process in the morning

  9. dont put to much thought into meal timing or frequency, as long as you get it in at some point you will be fine....i do avoid fats post workout though...
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  10. oh ok because ive been really cautious about mixing carbs and fats together lately. i usually either have fats and protein very low carbs or carbs and protien very low fat but i suppose youre right if at the end of the day u get the required macros in then its fine

  11. you can up your fats...adding a clean fat like flax oil may help


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