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    After calculating my macros the % come out to 49c/29p/22f. I wanted somewhere around 40c/40p/20f.. so i'm assuming i need to cut a few carbs out and increase protein. Is the macros something to worry about? or should i keep the % i have now and keep going?

  2. They look pretty good to my knowledge bro, if anything you could increase your carbs a little bit. Whenever i make plans, my bulking ratios are normally around 55/25/20. Just make sure you make healthy complex carbs dominant instead of the more worthless refined sugars and etc. Minor variances in percentages wont make much difference as long as your meal plan is legit.

  3. Dont be concerned man, macros are pretty important but dont over complicate it. Monitor your weight/bf levels monthly and adjust accordingly, due to your lifting/lifestyle schedule 1 month or week you may need to increase carbs to cope with increased physical levels at work at home or in the gym, other weeks/months you may be sitting on your ass watching tv and going to the gym, again adjust calorie intake accordingly.

    Having 1 set of parameters of nutrient intake can gimp gains imo if your not adjusting to outside factors.

  4. ah thank you guys, much appreciated.

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