Carb Cycling for a Lean Bulk

  1. Carb Cycling for a Lean Bulk

    Finishing up a run of Lyle McDonald's Ultimate Diet 2.0 soon and have had some great results losing body fat and maintaining mass/strength. It's really got me turned on to the carb cycling method as much as it's worked, and I'm looking to try something similar out for a bulk.

    UD 2.0 has a mass variant but I want to try Advanced German Volume Training so I'm going to design my own diet, just looking for a critique on what I've got so far.

    (all calculations based on LBM, not total body weight)
    High Carb Days
    Carbs @ 2.5g per lb
    Protein @ 1.75g per lb
    Fats @ .5g per lb

    Moderate Carb Days

    Carbs @ 1.5g per lb
    Protein @ 1.75g per lb
    Fats @ .5g per lb

    Low Carb
    Carbs @ .5g per lb
    Protein @ 1.75g per lb
    Fats @ .5g per lb

    For me, at about 166lb Lean Body Mass, totals are as follows:

    High Carb (roughly 3400-3500 cal)
    415g Carbs
    290g Protein
    83g Fat

    Moderate Carb (roughly 2900-3000 cal)
    250g Carbs
    290g Protein
    83g Fat

    Low Carb (roughly 2250 cal)
    83g Carbs
    290g Protein
    83g Fat

    High Carb days will be placed after the workouts in which I want to grow the most. Those would be my upper body days, mainly because I want to grow my back, shoulders, and arms. Moderate carb days will usually fall on leg days (I am lower body dominant), and my 2 off days out of every 7 will be low carb.

    My maintenance calories are about 2700-2800 based on a total bodyweight of about 185-190 lbs. With the cycling diet I will be averaging just over 3,000 per day over the span of a week.

    What do you guys think? Hopefully this wasn't too crazy complicated, I'm just nerdy with this stuff haha.

  2. Also, wouldn't mind knowing how people have fared on any type of carb cycling diet while trying to slowly add mass and maintain BF%

  3. Very interested as i am starting a bulk cycle soon let me know how this works for you or anything you find out.
    Limitations are shackles PAIN IS AWESOMENESS ENTERING MY MUSCLES !

    I'm not a doctor but I'll take a look

  4. Clean Machine,
    I actually changed my mind and am going to do the mass variant of Lyle McDonald's UD 2.0. I really like the way the schedule is set up and it works well with the way the rest of my life is set up.

    For what it's worth, on the weight loss variant of UD2 I've leaned out a ton while gaining some strength and maybe even a little muscle. It's my thought that by increasing my calories by about 25% I will be able to gain strength and muscle while maintaining or slightly lowering bf%. It is essentially a carb cycling plan with a massive carb load to create a strong anabolic response. Check out my log below, I will be getting started in earnest in a couple weeks

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