What's considered a "normal" weight gain from week to week?

  1. What's considered a "normal" weight gain from week to week?

    Started pretty serious in the gym again about 2 months ago and am just trying to figure out what a good rule of thumb is for weight gain.
    I have a military background and have been athletic all my life. Averaged 155 lbs as of 1/1/12. I'm also 5'9".
    I've been eating pretty much all day and trying to get as much protein as possible and am up to 163 lb average as of today. Not a significant gain but for my body type, I feel its a good start.

    I've been right at the 160 mark for a couple weeks now and am getting stronger but not any bigger. My diet isn't very strict right now as I'm trying to pack on mass. I'm thinking I need to up my calorie intake. Wondering if I should start looking at mass gainers but I'm scared to pack on too much fat....

    Any suggestions and what should I expect, roughly, to be a good weekly gain?

  2. Thats pretty good amount but u should look into a calorie counter app you'd be surprised how little calories youre taking in if u eat alot of protein. You need to find out your maintenance calories and eat about 500 over that

  3. I like sparkpeople.com

  4. Whats the opinions on mass builders?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ap0352 View Post
    Whats the opinions on mass builders?

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    Thanks for that infinite amount of wisdom!

  7. Are you natty?

    I've gained 1lb/week before with lots of strength gains natty on a very very detailed bulk plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by ap0352 View Post
    Whats the opinions on mass builders?
    I think you shouldn't take them. Maltodextrin spikes too much insulin, resulting in fat gain.

  8. Good luck brah!

  9. Yeah all natty.
    Thanks for the response.

  10. i would never shoot for more than gaining / losing a pound (maybe 2) a week.

  11. one thing that helped me, is 2 scoops of protein, peanut butter, and a cup of oatmeal 3 times a day and your 3 regular meals. I gained 20lbs in 5 months. Now, I been stuck at 200 lol. I still have the same amount of body fat. ON average I gained about 1-3 lbs a week to a week and a 1/2

    My goal is 220 lbs with 6-7% body fat, but I am guessing time will get me there with experience and knowledge with foods and cutting. I know nothing of cutting. Biggest concern I have is while I am cutting, I lose muscle mass.

    people always say, bulk, cut, bulk cut

    like when I hit 210 I am going to cut to 11% body fat then when I hit 220 ill cut to 11% body fat again and so forth till I stay at 220 at 7% body fat. But if anyone has advice, please say so, lol. I might use anabolic later on in time when I am familiar with my body and my workouts; if I do not get to 220lbs in about 2 years, lol.

  12. if it works for you you can clean bulk, or recomp your way up in weight. it will be slow but it will work.

    for me no matter what i do trying to get over 170 is is nearly impossible for me, so the recomp / lean bulk / slow cut is the only way to fly for me.. hit my weight stopping point, slowly lean down, then rinse and repeat

  13. FYI, it takes about 3500 calories over maintenance to put on 1lbs, or 3500 calories under maintenance to lose a lbs. So if trying to gain weight, 500 calories over maintenance per day would equal 3500 per week, so for a 1 lbs gain a week stick with 500 calories over per day, or 1000 calories for 2 lbs per week. If you plan on going this high, remember the slower you gain lean weight, the easier it will be to keep that weight on, and less chance it will be fat. If you`ve only been eating maintenance it would be a good idea to start slowly with the excess calories and work your way up, so your body can adjust and not just put on fat.

  14. have you tried dirty bulking? There could be other reasons as well on why you can not pack on weight. How long have you been lifting? And how are you lifting? How many calories do you consume? Do you do any cardio or any sports? Do you have any digestive problems? ( i know it sounds silly but that could be one)

  15. All good responses, up your calorie intake and get a set meal plan.. then continue to increase your total calories every 2 or 3 weeks. 2 pounds a week is healthy. Mass gainers can work and be useful, but real food is always superior.


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