Check out these PH's from Taurus Nutrition. Each one designed for different needs but all very effective and stackable.

People miss Boldione because they loved how it made them feel! What if we could supply a legal prohormone that is similar and actually converts to boldione in the body! Well, that's exactly what we did. We have introduce the worlds first boldione precursor that is also anabolic on its own.

The great thing about the active ingredient in 5aOHP is that it won't turn into estrogen and will give you dry, solid gains in mass with limited side effects. The best reported benefit by our testers is the body composition changes *****ing the most potent illegal compounds! Because it can't convert to estrogen, you can bet that 5a[/B]OHP is guaranteed to be free from bloating estrogenic side effects. Hundreds of thousands of bottles sold of progestin based hormones with ZERO estrogenic side effects! Case closed!

6-Keto (Pregn-4-ene-3,6,20-trione) which is very similar in structure to the old 6-OXO product and we theorize inhibits aromatase (via downstream metabolites) along with being an anabolic on its own. The crazy thing about the new M1P is that it isn't a progestin at all having little to no activity at the progesterone receptor, PURE ANABOLIC effects!
What you get is a pure anabolic with very low side effects! Combined with proper diet and exercise you get a very potent product that stacks well with any other PH out there or is a good mild prosteroid on its own!
M1P is a dry compound that you can stack with other compounds to enhance their effects or alone to give you a pure anabolic that is very low in side effects