So I picked up some n2bulk.

my first thoughts after the first sip was wow it really does taste like sweet potatoes.its not over powering its a firm taste not too sweet its just about right

I also can taste the Cinnamon as well.

I tried the recommend serving size of 3 scoops and it was a tad much unless you add about 30oz +of milk then its very doable.I would say 2 scoops in 25oz or more of milk is very easy to down without any hint of sludge.

it mixes very well very few clumps or chunks

its too early to tell how effect this product will be after only about 2 days but so far I can def tell its not your average thrown together weight gainer just by taste and how it makes you feel.

I will update this again once I'm done with the n2bulk double stack.