Journey to an upgrade

  1. Journey to an upgrade

    Hey whats up guys, never done this posting business before buuut, i figured why the hell not. I always google forums for professional advice because i know for a fact these guys are 9999X more experienced than myself.

    Alright so here it goes, i am 20, i am currently serving in the US Military and am stationed in Korea. Since i was 12 I've legit dreamt about being buff like the guys in the magazines but after two years of intense training (18-20) I've learned that its not about the supplements, but what you eat, the time you put into training and rest. got it. I know the supplements do help but its not the main focus, I've also learned that most professional bodybuilders have fallen or accepted the dark side of the sport, i.e. take steroids.

    I unfortunately cannot partake but i was wondering about pro-hormones, anyway

    I will be posting month to month updates on weight & strength gains, over a just under two year period.
    I am still a novice and an apprentice but i want to learn more.

    Any tips on taking PH? Diet, etc?

    I plan to do a semi-clean bulk (i do have to eat the stuff the military gives me after all, including MRE's since i am at a deployed location)
    and my goal is to gain 20lbs of clean cut muscle before November of 2013. I will start at 3000 kcal/ day, and increase 200 calories every month, for a steady rise in healthy food calories. This means ill probably have to gain like 35lbs and cut down or so.

    give me advice on my journey !!

  2. Try the anabolics section if you want news about PH's but they will tell you the same thing - taking a PH when you are near, especially under, 21 is not advised. I am 25 and I just started taking them. You said you cannot partake, so why are you curious about them and what in particular do you want to know?

  3. The best advice i can give is that ph's don't do as much as you think they will. Too many people use them as an excuse to keep a crappy diet and cut back on intensity a little bit and not lose as much muscle. Im not saying that you fall into this crowd but know that there is a TON that can be accomplished with tweaking and making changes to your diet.

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