Quick bulking up

  1. Quick bulking up

    Im new to this forum but not new to working out. Im new to taking supluments and was wondering what to take. I've been using Russian Bear protien shakes but hit a peak with it. I am now taking Up Your Mass and just bought Prime. Is there anything else I should stack with the Prime? Also, should I cycle it with other stuff? I was told to take the full bottle of Prime, 6 pills a day for 6 days then take 1 day off, then follow by Tibullous or some estragin blocker, followed by Pink Magic. Any suggestions will be concitered.

  2. Also, im trying to bulk up as much as I can between now and sometime in April then work on toneing up.

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    Bulking will depend entirely on your diet. Eat above maintenance calories, gain mass (be it fat or muscle).

    I'd advise a solid training regimen (I used AST's Max-OT training when I bulked 2 summers ago and had great success with that and increased calories). Supplements can certainly help, but ultimately your diet will dictate the scale and the mirror's outcome. I'd advise adding calories slowly, because otherwise you'll risk gaining much more fat.

  4. Well I work EMS so my lunch diet sucks. Im talking like cheeseburgers maybe some chicken from Zaxbys or Bojangles. Is there amything "fast food" can offer thats good for me with high calories? WB, supper, any ideas of any good high calorie foods? Most of my calories are from the protien shakes. Breakfast is usually like a bacon or sausage with egg biscket and 1% milk. Most of the food I eat is on the road so I cant rly take my food with me.
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    I know what you mean about protein shakes and work. Do what you've gotta do, but when you have the opportunity to do whole food, choose it over shakes. As for what to choose at fast food places, I'd probably opt for footlongs at Subway with double meat and grilled chicken sandwiches at fast food joints. If you're bulking, it's not like you can't treat yourself to what you're eating, now, just know that bulk doesn't = eat whatever the heck you want and how much of it that you want. You'll notice the difference in eating a lot of clean calories vs. eating a lot of dirty calories.

  6. What are some clean calories?
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    Quote Originally Posted by terminator04 View Post
    What are some clean calories?
    I'd just google or search on here for "clean bulking" and what comes up along with it.

    Obvious answers are:

    Natural PB
    Fish oil

    Fibrous veggies
    Fruit in moderation/at the right times
    Sweet potatoes

    Lean meats (turkey, chicken, lean beef)
    Greek yogurt

  8. Are those high im calories?
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    Quote Originally Posted by terminator04 View Post
    Are those high im calories?
    I'd advise using a program/website like fitday.com or something similar to track your overall calories. It will show you how much is in average foods and if you're really particular (like I am), you can create your own entries based on specific things and specific brands that you eat on a regular basis.

    Just remember that carbs and proteins are going to be 4 cal / gram and fats are 9 cal / gram. How much you eat of each item will dictate what you get. Eggs are a pretty good source of fat and protein, but most everything else I listed will be nutritionally lopsided to that category (e.g. oats are almost exclusively comprised of carbohydrates and no protein or fat).


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