staying hungry and bloat free

  1. staying hungry and bloat free

    So I'm 183 lbs diet is 3200 Cals 150 fat 220 carbs 220 protein. I just started bulking yesterday and this morning I found that I'm bloated and not hungry at all. Smoking cam only make me so hungry and interferes with the rest of my day. Any other natural alternatives?

  2. The easiest one is to simply force down more food, i have the same problem, i am very rarely hungry, but my metabolism is high.
    So i used to end up eating too little, and then my body would attack itself by eating up mucles and the little fat i have for energy.

    So i simply force down food!
    Hungry? Eat!
    Not hungry? Eat!
    Don't know if you have the same aggressive metabolism that i do, but pushing down calories seem to work for me atleast, gained 8kg (17.6lbs) the last 2 months.
    And the more food you force down, spread across the day, the more used to it your body gets, so eventualy you will get hungry several times a day cause your body gets used to always having something to digest.

  3. I agree. It's a mental thing. Force feed yourself. If you spread your meals throughout the day then your stomach will naturally expand throughout the day, your metabolism will shoot up, and you therefore won't feel bloated. Make sure you eat at night as well right before bed coz then your body will be getting it's nutrients in an otherwise nutrient-scarce time of the day and it means your stomach won't contract throughout the night. Something slow-digesting like cottage cheese or casein protein should do the trick! Hope this helps buddy!
    It's a state of mind.

    Haters will whisper your successes and shout your failures... Keep pushing regardless.

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