Bulking Macro Requirements on Tren Cycle

  1. Currently on a trenbolone acetate cycle at 50 mg every day. My primary intent is to maximize muscle gains. In other words, bulking not cutting.

    Stats: Age 23. 195 lbs. 6 foot. 12% bodyfat
    Based on online calculator, my daily energy expenditure is 3500 kcal. Training 5 days per week.

    Diet: I eat primarily the same meals daily with some variation. I use a food scale and ensure day to day consistency in macros with calorie counter software. My calories total to 4500 kcal/day. ~360 g protein, 360 g carbs, 170 g fat. I consume 5 L of water daily.

    Ok so here's my main question. How do you determine your bulking necessities while on an aas cycle? Naturally, it would be greater than a natural bulk. What formula or general scheme do you use?

    I ask because I've noticed some stagnation in my weight gain recently. Do I need to increase my calories? If so by how much? Of course, maximum muscle gain with minimal fat gain is preferred. I am disciplined with my diet, just need to find that magic number. Any idea what it is or how I could find it? Thanks. All suggestions are welcome.

  2. Nobody has any advice because nobody knows. I too noticed a similar effect while on my tren cycle. I also started thinking about why I felt like I started growing again the second I came off. Could it be that just like a diet increase can shock your body, and a change in workout can shock your body into new growth. Could slowing down use of tren for a few days shock your AR's to achieve new growth? Just a thought, as you already know increasing the dose doesn't help either. Might be worth a try as all it would do would lengthen the cycle which wouldn't hurt too much.

  3. I've bumped my calories to 5000 kcal and am now noticing some weight gain progress. My cycle has 24 more days, so I still have some time to adjust my calories to meet my needs. I guess there's no exact way of precalculating your calorie needs with a traditional calculator as your body's response is supra physiological on a steroid cycle. Only way is to adjust by trial and error.

    Is everyone here natty or does anyone have aas experience? If so, what do you shoot for with caloric intake on your bulk?

  4. Lol. Sorry, I'm drunk. Im laughing at your avatar. You totally look like a chick.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jethro52185 View Post
    Lol. Sorry, I'm drunk. Im laughing at your avatar. You totally look like a chick.
    Lol Jethro. You're such a turdhead. And I guess you're right that nobody knows the answer to what I'm asking. 125 views and no responses except from my dickhead older brother lol. Oh well I think I've got it on lockdown now. Just need to eat clean and eat more. As they say, you are what you eat.

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  6. Would you say the lasagna, birthday cake, and toasted raviolis you ate this weekend would be considered "eating clean" lol?

  7. Although caloric load is primary when it comes to gaining weight, have you ever considered lowering your fats and making those calories up with carbs? I have a tendency to gain weight much better if the weight of my calories comes from massive amounts of carb sources. If I were personally running tren (that won't be for a while lol), I would keep my protein where you have it (360), take my fats down to 120 or so, and use those extra 450 cals to add in ~110g of carbs. Of course, if you're already increasing your caloric load to 5000, I would suggest making the majority of that carbs sources.

    Just my 2 cents, since you can only get responses from your brother otherwise


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