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    What's up people! I am having a crazy hard time with my nutrition program I have no freaking clue how to eat when to eat so on. I have the supps I have the perfect workout plan but the nutrition is the hardest thing for me!
    so if someone can please help me set up a bulking meal plan for everyday that would help a ton.
    What's your bulking meal plan that if you don't mind me using.


  2. Cant preach how important it is to learn how to count macros! and calorie intake. first you need to work out you BMR which is 2153. Most people on average are moderately active so i will use that calc which is 1.55, so your BMR x 1.55 ='s 3337calories. This is the total number of calories your body needs for maintenance. To gain weight the usual rule of thumb is to eat 500cals over maintenance (this can vary though) so everyday you should be getting about 3837 total calories a day. Remember as you gain size to adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

    Now macros you will need Protein at 1.5-2grams per pound of bodyweight. Carbs is about 2-3grams per pound of bodyweight and fats are 20% of your caloric intake.
    eg: Protein - 204x2 = 408g's or protein a day
    Carbs - 204x2 = 404g's of carbs a day
    Fats - 20% of 3837 = 77g's of fats a day

    Now as far as the diet is concerned learn to read labels and as i mentioned count your calories and macros. Im a believer in IIFYM (If it fits your macros) eat it, that doesnt mean eating maccas or something all day though. I use a program called FitDay but fitness pal is free and handy for working out all your details.

    So the best way is to work how many times a day you want to eat, i have 6 meals, so for example u would say ok i need 408grams of protein a day divide 408x6meals which is 68grams so every meal your going to want to have about 68grams of protein spread over 6 meals, Calculate the same way for your fats and carbs intake.

    Hope that gives you a little better idea on how to work out your foods.

  3. Great advice Newton
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