Chaparral Labs Trenavol-V Questions

  1. Chaparral Labs Trenavol-V Questions

    I have recently have came across this Chaparral Labs Trenavol-V
    Any one had any experiences with it?

    Also this will be my first time using PH, and i dont have a source. No im not asking for one either im just asking what happens in my situation where i can get all the necessary supplements up until PCT as have a problem with getting nolva or clomid etc. And i dont really want to use any websites which i dont trust.

    Leading onto the reasons why i chose Chaparral Labs Trenavol-V as to whether i would manage to get away without having nolva included into my PCT? Any opinions?
    And whether PCT Assist/Support, Reduce XT,Inhibit-E would be effective as my PCT?


  2. Any advice?

  3. it is pro-dienolone and its very strong stuff. you would most certainly need a SERM, not an otc pct. not unless you want to stay shut down for a while. also, nolva is not suggested when using pro-dienolone because of prolactin issues. clomid is a better choice.

  4. I actually just finished a cycle of this stuff + some epi and I had great results. I'm currently in week 2 of PCT and I'm still up 11 pounds. It is a very strong substance and, as stated before, nolva would not be good for a SERM. You definitely need one and Clomid would be a better SERM for this. You should also run P-5-P during and post cycle to prevent prolactin induced gyno. Regular support supps are necessary as well. Expect some calf/back pumps. I wouldn't suggest an only OTC PCT...

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