Total Calorie Question

  1. Total Calorie Question

    This is going to seem incredibly ignorant but when you guys note how many calories per day your consuming do you count all the calories?, as in like if I drank a half gallon of gatorate in a day, would I include all the calories of that in the total amount I consume per day. The reason I ask is because Im consuming 6 servings of whole oats, and drinking a gallon of milk, as well as consuming some gatorade during my workouts.

  2. I don't know what other people fo, but the only drinks I count are milk and protein. I won't count any pop, juice or iced tea I drink.

  3. Why wouldnt you count them? They're still part of the equation, they dont just disappear.

    Im a little more subjective about my total calorie count. I have a target number give or take 100-200. During a bulk im a bit more lenient with the calculations - as long as I hit the minimum needed that day Im good.
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  4. Thanks, yea I assumed your count them but I wasnt sure

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