Hows my stack look and could i add anything else to maximize muscle gains?

  1. Question Hows my stack look and could i add anything else to maximize muscle gains?

    So im starting my stack in 2 weeks but im starting German Volume Training now, my stack consists of:

    Up Your Mass
    Green Magnitude

    Also my states are:

    5'6 ft

    Does anyone think i will put on some size and also can i add anything to maximize my muscle gains?

  2. Any help?

  3. Ok 1 more thing how old are you ,to get a better idea to help?

  4. Bulking needs calories not supplements. Use your money on steak chicken ect. You need to hammer out a good diet plan, and then when you follow it consistently the mass will come in heps.

    But besides that I would just do whey, creatine, fish oil IMO that's all ya need. You could do a simple pre work out too but thats really not nessecary. Besides that ur just wasting your dough. Even though I love up your mass that's a waste too. Instead make your own shake that will be easier to drink n taste better.

    Simple recipe

    2-3 Scopes whey
    1 cup steal cut oats
    1 cup milk
    Half cup icecream or 1 tablespoon peanut butter
    Add as much water as needed

    This will give you 600-800 call lots of good carbs n 50-70 grams protein!

  5. Well im 16 and yes im eating allot i just need to supplement my diet



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