Easy clean calories

  1. Easy clean calories

    What do you consider to be easy clean calories for bulking?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by psc
    What do you consider to be easy clean calories for bulking?
    in for some new ideas as well.
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  3. Here is my favorite breakfast

    1 cup of oats, 1 cup of milk, 1 table spoon of penut butter, 1 table spoon honey cook for 1 minute, stir, then cook again for 1 minute. Add 2 scoops of whey.

    Protien 50g, Carbs 80g, fats 14g. Calories: 660
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  4. What do you mean by easy OP? Minimal cooking?

    If so...

    Natural Peanut Butter
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (my secret weapon to increase cal intake)

    Of course if you want more foods you have to cook at some point. But the good thing is most foods can be cooked and you can walk away and come back to check them at a later time.

  5. I like this. In for ideas

  6. One of secret weapons is whole rotisserie chickens from the local specialty market. They use local rocky chickens, no preservatives or salt solutions- just a roasted chicken- and they are only $7 each. Easy, tasty, obviously packed with protein and economical too. For carbs quinoa is my fav- a couple cups in a rice cooker and you got one of the best carb sources in about 20 minutes.

  7. hmm ill try answer this with my take on the subject. Im not a fan of the whole clean vs dirty bulk diet thing, what works for one may not work for the other. Meaning that if im eating maccas all day and your eating chicken breast, at the end of the week we both only made 100gram LBM gain. So we both gained pretty lean, just so happened to be that maccas gave me a lean bulk (and god willing some day it will lmao) and chicken breast worked for you. Hope that kinda makes sense because i just read it and confused myself hahaha.

    To me a clean bulk is not necessarily what you eat but how your gains are. So a clean bulk for me is around 15% i think thats a good starting point, maybe less maybe a little more. basically once you work out your calorie intake increase it by 10-15% monitor your progress for a few weeks, then check, If weight has maintained the same, then increase the calories by 5-10%, If weight has increased maintain calories as they are.

    A beginners true LBM gains are around the 200-300grams a week mark, less for experienced trainers.

    Basically if your gaining more weight then 500grams a month there's a better chance that it is related to fat gains, but not always true! Dont confuse water weight with LBM, Training is another good indicator if your weights on lifts are going up chances are so are your lean gains..

    I think i summed it all up? Hope some of my nonsense helped you a little mate....
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  8. sunflower seeds are good a bit fatty but lots of calories


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