Baked Avocado Fries

  1. Baked Avocado Fries

    Everyone loves french fries but unfortunately thatís one crunch to stay away from when trying to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Hereís a recipe to help satisfy your craving! Avocados are a superfood! They are packed with antioxidants, protein ad fiber and are a great source of unsaturated fats (the good ones)! They are great for curbing your appetite and aid in weight loss because the fats keep you feeling full and help you stray away from sweets later on.

    Warning: These fries ARE ADDICTING and avocadoís are not necessarily a low calorie food so I recommend only making one serving (1/4 avocado) per batch so that youíre not tempted to go overboard! In this recipe I dip the avocado slices in an egg but I have also previously used Safflower oil instead of an egg and the results are just as great!

    1/4 Avocado
    1 Egg
    Garlic Salt
    Onion Powder
    *Note: I didnít really measure out the seasonings. I just pretty much started throwing a little of each together until it was to my preference.


    1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees

    2. Cut the avocado into thin slices

    3. In a bowl, beat the egg and add seasonings to your own taste

    4. Dip the cut avocado slices in the egg mixture and place onto a greased aluminum foil lined cookie sheet

    5. Bake for 10-15 minutes, let cool, and enjoy!

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  2. Looks Good-Going to try this soon.

  3. Let me know how you like them and what seasonings you used! =)

  4. I def making this tonight!! :P It may even become a staple in my bulking diet thanks for posting!!!!

  5. no problem! enjoy!

  6. Sounds good. How do you store your avacados? I love them, but every time I buy them even ripe and fresh, when I use part of it and stick the remainder in the fridge their usually spoiled by the next day or so turning brownish etc. I've tried containers, bags, perforated etc... same results.

  7. I store them in the fridge as well. I just cover it in aluminum foil and they usually last a few days without a problem.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SinOrSlim View Post
    I store them in the fridge as well. I just cover it in aluminum foil and they usually last a few days without a problem.
    Man it's the only thing I've never figured out how to store right, it's the only food I have trouble with. Everything else stays fresh and nice, even tried disinfecting and cleaning the whole fridge and turning the temp down from normal, but it's the only item that spoils in like a day or two.

  9. They do sell these green bags that are specifically for storing fruits and veggies. You should give them a shot. They're like plastic baggies but green and are supposed to make the food last for quite a while. I dont remember the product name though


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