Bulking cycle plus Growth!!!

  1. Cool Bulking cycle plus Growth!!!

    Hey all, i am again on another bulking cycle that runs something like this:

    Tren A - 75mg EOD
    Test E - 500mg Week (250 mon and fri)
    Nolvadex, EOD - i am not sure what to run it at yet but i am doing this because i read and was told that it helps spread the water around your body instead of holding it all in one area such as the faceplease correct me if this is false.

    This is very similar to my last bulking cycle apart from the nolva eod so my question is would it be beneficial to run som hgh along with the bulk and if yes how much and how often. Thanks in advance people

  2. Im no pro but id Piss the nolva off in ur cycle bro only use it if u have sides, but ofcourse use it in ur PCT, I'd say piss that tren off to, stack test E with like deca, winn? or even dbol for the first 4-5 wks of your cycle,

    How longs ur cycle 10 or 12wks?

    As I said I'm no pro but that's my 2 cents

  3. Test and tren make a great bulking cycle. Nolva won't "spread around" water weight though. It will, however, block the effects of estrogen, one of which is bloating and water retention (so it can lessen water retention overall). Your dose of 500mg/wk of test is moderate. I'd personally wait to add the nolva only if you start to experience bloating or gyno symptoms. Estrogen has many beneficial effects for muscle building, health, and well-being that you want. However, if you want to play it safe from the start, or if you have a history of sensitivity to estrogen, I'd start at 10mg daily. If that dose is insufficient you can increase it to 20mg daily.

    Of course, adding GH to the bulk will help, but GH is not particularly anabolic. Where GH really shines is recomposition and lipolysis (mobilizing fat to be burned). Personally, I'd save the GH for when you cut. You could also cut for a few weeks at the end of your bulking cycle (when the test and tren are still around to help prevent muscle loss).

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