Lean muscle help?

  1. Lean muscle help?

    Is it just me or my understanding? is building pure lean muscle impossible?

    my mate tells me he's keeping cut and putting on lean muscle?I don't understand how this can happen?
    my understanding is to make muscle u need to eat calories ( Protien and carbs obviously) but eating alot has to also put on fat unused cals etc?so how can he be eating enough cals to build muscle yet not enough to put on fat and say lean?
    Doesn't sound right to me?
    He's not 'bulking' he's just building muscle he reckons?sounds like he's strapped me on the back of #6 race 9 at corrfield?ha

  2. I think that this is called recomping sorry if i am wrong, i dont think you necassarily need to put on fat to gain lean muscle as long as your taking in enough protein/carbs/fat and training hard enough i think its possible to keep your bodyfat% the same whilst your muscles grow.

  3. its very possible to do. its called a recomp. its a VERY VERY slow process
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  4. As mentioned above its called recomping and it takes a very precise diet/training to achieve good results thats why most people just bulk then cut and repeat. Me myself im at the weight i want to be for my goals so im just eating at maintence in hope of gaining muscle but in reality it would be more efficent to gain muscle by bulking then cutting atleast for most individuals.

  5. I bulk in the winter, cut from mid march to middle may, then recomp during the summer. summer is where i stay lean but add a bit of muscle each month.
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  6. its about finding whats right for you....in reality you only need about 500 extra calories to stay anabolic, however its hard to take account for daily calorie expendeture, as some days you may be more active than others, and burn through those extra calories. Thats why most people just eat well over and deal with the fact that they'll put on fat. And as others have said its a slow and boring process much like staying natural...IMO

  7. Thanks for the replys fellas!



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