Bbq chooks good or bad?

  1. Bbq chooks good or bad?

    Hey guys I'm trying to bulk and I find it hard to eat enough and cook pre chicken and meats in the day as it's pretty hectic with work and all that, iv been buying BBQ chooks from like Coles n stuff just cos there easy and there ready to go r they bad or?i eat them with heaps of veg n pasta I make up what do u think? (oh I only eat the chook breast no the fatty legs n crap)

  2. Ive been eating them on a cut with success. Make sure to take most of the skin off though.
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  3. Cheers for the reply bro yeah skin offs a must for me neway, there just so easy cooked n ready to go no washing frypans after ha ha ha

  4. yea man there fine for a bulk, i think on average its about 35grams of protein per cup.

  5. Oh nice cheers bro



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