Is it bad to eat fast food while bulking

  1. Is it bad to eat fast food while bulking

    I'm a 181lbs 6'1 32yrs my goal is to get around 220 by the summer...I eat alot of beef stake hamburger and chicken cooked on the grill but that damn #12 at McDonalds is the sh1t

  2. Only if your concerned about health. If LDL's, HDL's and TAG's don't factor into your thinking when gaining weight, then eating it on a bulk is perfectly fine.
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  3. I find that it can actually hurt my progress when I'm trying to consume to the point of gaining extra weight. My bowel movements are all fkd up because of the crap in the fast food. Which can effect appetite. Maybe just me, but if your body is givin clean foods for long enough period of time, the moment I get some taco bell or jacknbox I feel sickly to a degree. Also consider its taking up space in your stomach where you could have put protein in place.

  4. Your bulking,, dont see how it can be bad.. Unless you get it everyday

  5. Just depends how lean you want your gains to be.
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  6. If your not checking your cals you may be consuming too many and gain more excess fat

  7. The majority of your success, whether you are dieting or bulking, is going to come from hitting the right number of calories and the correct ratio of protein/carbs/fat. So, considering only short term physique goals, I believe fast food can be incorporated into a diet and will yield the results you are looking for in terms of fat loss or muscle gain.....assuming you are weighing, tracking and counting your food intake. However, much of that food is pure, freaking ****. Like the lowest of the low in meat quality, fillers, and preservatives. So from a general health stand point of view, I stay away from that stuff as much as possible. On occasion ill eat at McD's if im on the road or in a pinch, but ill stick to their grilled chicken, yogurt, fruit, etc. Does it work as fuel? Yea....but IMOP, it can really effect long term health and wellness.

    I would also point out that if you plan on gaining 40 lbs in the next 4-5 months, much of it will be fat. Even if you are on a big dose of anabolics, you might be best slowing your rate of gain down. As a natural, I dont set my sights on any more than a couple lbs per month gain.
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  8. I only eat it if I can't any real food or I'll grab a medtex bar

  9. Definitely is good, but I would avoid it as much as possible. You'll make fast gains, but it wont all be muscle.

  10. I say fast food is bad in general, how ever if your going to eat it anyways, a bulk is a better time than recomp/cut.


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