NEED ADVISE on length of cycle for tren + test + d-bol(only 1 month supply of dbol!!!

  1. NEED ADVISE on length of cycle for tren + test + d-bol(only 1 month supply of dbol!!!

    I bought 3 things for my cycle. 1- Trenbolone Acetate (1cc/100 mg Mon and Thurs)
    2- Testosterone Enanthate (1cc/100mg Tues and Fri) \
    3- Drostanobol (40 Mg daily)

    I'm pretty sure this is a good cycle but how long should I go on the Tren and Test(4 weeks or 8 weeks or 12 weeks. And if I run out of Test can I keep going with the Tren alone. I only have a 1 month supply of the Drostanobol.

    I also have 1 Month worth of Decabolin and 1 month worth of Equi-drol. Can I slip those in after the Drostanobol runs out or and other time.

    I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  2. Ok first off this is not the anabolic forums, this is bulking. Please post in the right section...

    Second your cyce has the right idea but is quite wrong...

    Test needs to be ran at a minimum of like 350mg a week for 12-16 weeks. I am currently running 580mg of sust a week for 16 weeks and shooting x3 week. With the enanthate twice a week is fine... Ive never taken Tren myself so Im not going to give you any advice on that, use the search bar and type in tren and you will find many great posts on it im sure. Deca is worthless for 4 weeks, i would run it a minimum of 12 weeks.

    Look what you really need to do is research correct doses and amounts of time needed for a proper cycle, it seems like you havent done that. Ignorance is not bliss here, do your research then comeback and ask questions.

    Not trying to be a dick.

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